Watercolor-style Tattoos Tips

Watercolor-style tattoos are the new style in tattoo, which are using very little to no black and no outlines. Designs of watercolor tattoos can range from minimalistic splatters and smears of color to full-on copies of watercolor paintings, and are definitely unique and eye-catching. And many goth fans like tattoos to match their gothic clothing.

Watercolor-style tattoos

Here are some useful tips for you:

Even though watercolor tattoos are stunning, the lack of deep saturation may cause your tattoo to fade more quickly than other styles, and without a strong outline, touch-ups may be difficult down the road. UV rays break down the pigments in ink and cause all tattoos to fade, not just watercolor style tattoos. Choosing locations that don’t get a lot of sun, keeping them covered, and slathering them with sunscreen when uncovered are all excellent ways to slow fading.

Keeping the area of skin that sports your new body art healthy ensures your tattoo will have a better chance to heal correctly. Moisturize liberally to prevent sagging and keep skin elastic and firm. You should avoid using soaps that contain harsh chemicals and cleansers that strip away skin’s natural oils, and don’t scrub your tattoo, even after it’s healed. When choosing the location for your watercolor tattoo, be sure to choose a spot that doesn’t get a lot of action. You want a spot that doesn’t chafe or rub against clothing too much, as protected a spot as possible.

Find a great artist is important. The more experienced that artist, the more likely your tattoo will stand the test of time.


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