The Perfect Little Black Dress

2497382_458932Little black dress is a must in girl’s wardrobe. No matter what style you’re into, whether it be Steampunk or Pastel Goth, a little black dress is the perfect basis for any outfit. It is versatile and classic, can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down, and is the utmost base for any outfit.

If you consider to choose LBD, here are some of the biggest styles for you to reference.

Retro – This style is perfect for larger girls if you’re still thinking about body shape. While the printed retro dress can be a lot of fun, a plain black style is glamorous and old-school either in a pencil style or even with a big circle skirt! Or dress it down with some cute kitschy accessories.

Minimalist – This kind of styles opt for clean lines – like straight style maxiskirts – with little embellishments. But when they do incorporate embellishment it’s often thing utilitarian like belts for shoulder straps, asymmetrical cuts and O-rings. It’s a quiet statement, but hints to lots of personality.

The Maxi Gown – This isn’t quite a “style” but it is a shape of dress that calls forth the bohemians and the beach girls. For unique accents to your cute maxi dress, think Grecian style slits, long layers and ruching!

The Baby-doll – a babydoll dress is a younger looking style, great for lengthening legs. Wear it plain for an everyday look, or fancy it up with pin-tucking, princess sleeves or a lace collar. Even though this style screams youthful, don’t forget it is also a staple in grunge fashion – Courtney Love style!


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