Choose The Perfect Little Black Dress

The little black dress must be the number one staple of anyone looking for a versatile wardrobe. No matter what style you’re into, Steampunk or Pastel Goth, a little black dress is the perfect basis for any outfit. The LBD is versatile and classic, which can be dressed up with accessories or dressed down.

little black dress

Keep reading to find out exactly how to pick the perfect little black dress for your shape!

When looking for the perfect dress, fit and shape is massively important. Even if you’re wearing something that’s super trendy at the moment, it’ll look outdated and off if it doesn’t fit right. There are so many shapes and sizes out there! You could have round shoulders and a fit body, or square shoulders and a round body. You could have huge hips and petite legs and a long torso. So, your best bet is to try as many different styles as you can in order to see what you think looks best! When you find the right size and shape, your body will know! There won’t be any need to struggle with seams or any need to add a belt.

If you’re worried about larger arms, you don’t need to cover them completely with long sleeve dresses all of the time. Instead opt for three quarter length, or sheer sleeves that meet an inch above the elbow, to slim the entire arm.

If you’re a tall girl and are hoping to look shorter, opt for a dropped waist line, or no defined waist at all with something like a seamless shift dress. For girls looking to make their legs look longer, opt for higher-waist styles. This is a bit of an illusion as it makes your legs appear to begin higher.

Whether you’re worried about looking larger, smaller or undistinguishable all together in this area it’s right to look at the neckline. It’s generally a rule of thumb that to look larger in this area opt for a higher-neckline with more fuss (pin-tucks, lace across the check, a bib-like look, pussy-bow, etc) and for those looking to keep things smaller in that area keep it minimal.


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