Alternative Rock Styles

Alternative rock fashions cover the expanse of indie rock, punk, gothic, rockabilly and emoscene existence. Alternative rock means that your musical and possibly fashion tastes lie outside what is considered to be mainstream. Your fashion and style also follows suit with your love of all things alternative and different.Alternative Rock

Dark and Gloomy
The main fashion color scheme for any Goth is black. Select black pants for guys, or girls can try a pair of ripped fishnet stockings underneath a tight black leather skirt.
Select your favorite Goth or emoscene band t-shirt—even better if it’s ripped. Wear a black leather motorcycle jacket on cool days or a faux fur full length coat. Finish your outfit with a variety of spiked or studded fist cuffs, dog collars and chain necklaces. Don’t forget to fill all of your piercings with silver- or black-studded metal pieces.
You tend to wear a little more eyeliner than the typical person, have black painted fingernails and sport a jagged black haircut.

Skater Alternative
Most skaters have long, shaggy hair, usually hidden by a backwards skater brand baseball cap or beanie. Skaters wear two types of pants. Select from baggy pants that are far too big for you so that your boxer shorts peek out from the top or skin tight skinny jeans. Shorts are also popular with skaters who typically wear large-size Dickies.

Emo Cool
The emoscene look is still alternative but is seeing a surge in popularity these days. Maintain an alternative rock look by altering some of the mainstream emo look fashion rules, and you can still call your look exclusive.
Emoscene starts with the haircut. You want pin-straight hair with razor sharp jags and layers throughout. Most emo kids color their hair black and add wild, bright streaks of color.
Emo kids typically wear skintight skinny jeans in dark colors. Shoes should be Chuck Taylors, Dr. Martens or one of the prominent skater companies. Emo girls might wear tight leggings underneath a tight black skirt.
Select a tight white v-neck T-shirt or your favorite emo band T-shirt. Add a long, knit scarf or chain necklace to complete the look.


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