Unique Halloween Costumes

For Halloween, each year it can be tough to think of what you want to dress up as, so we have some ideas for those of you who need some inspiration! Let’s open your mind! Find unique costume ideas for yourself and your family and friends!

Sugar Skull
Sugar skulls are so cool, and sugar skull face paint is an awesome, less scary version of skull makeup (perfect if you’ll be around kids that scare easily). You can keep it easy with black and white face paint, or add stick- on gems for some color throughout your design. Don’t forget to top it off with a flower crown to complete your costume!

Be a Pokestop for Halloween! You can even carry around some stuffed animal Pokemon to really add to the costume. Since it’s not necessarily something that will be at your local Halloween store, you’re more than likely on your own to DIY it. Just be careful of how many players you attract. (That was supposed to be punny).

LED Glow Stick Figure
This is a costume idea that’s even better with a group of friends or your family. If you want to go the DIY route, simply wear dark colored clothing and tape or glue on glow sticks or LED lights to create a glow in the dark stick- figure costume. This costume is especially funny on kids, and they can pick and choose what color glow sticks to make up their outfit.

Match With Your Pet
Possibly the cutest idea that I somehow have never thought of is matching or coordinating costumes with your pet! Since I’m absolutely in love with my dogs, this is definitely going to start becoming a tradition. One of the best dynamic duo costumes I found online was this Mario and Luigi idea. Matching with your pet is a great base idea, and you can go anywhere you want with it!


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