Must-Have Leggings Styles

1eggingsLeggings are well and truly in style – and it looks like they’re here to stay. Leggings are a wonderfully versatile piece of clothing, giving far better coverage than tights or pantyhose, but more freedom of movement than trousers and jeans. And leggings are welcome in Goth.

If you’re looking to start adding leggings to your wardrobe, there are a few top picks that every girl should own:

* Plain Black Leggings – This should be a staple in every girls wardrobe. No matter the length, a pair (or two) of plain black leggings is a diverse item of clothing that can be worn with multiple outfits.

* Block Colour Leggings – This basically means any other single colour than black. You can get your hands on a variety of different colours easily (and relatively inexpensively), so you have a number of different colour combinations to work with when it comes to matching a pair of leggings to your existing outfits.

* Printed Leggings – These will add colour, variety and often a little texture to any ensemble. Pair them with an edgy tee shirt or oversized sweater for an effortless urban style.


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