Black Lipstick Fashion

Black lipstick is fashion today. They can transform the basic outfit into an edgy and daring look. The following tips will make your black lipstick last all day long.

Before using black lipstick or any lipstick, you must prep your pout. Dark lipsticks will amplify any dry imperfections on your lips, so you need to exfoliate. After exfoliating, you’d better moisturize the lip, because matte lip products tend to dry skin out faster than other glossier beauty items. Apply a moisturizing balm and blot off any excess product from your lips with a tissue. Wait at least five minutes before you begin applying your lipstick. If you plan on rocking black lipstick often, be sure to keep up with your lips’moisturizing on a regular basis.

Exfoliate Lips

With your favorite new black lipstick in hand, prepare for your beauty metamorphosis. Press your lips together to see your lips’natural outline. Then start applying your lipstick from the middle and continue outwards. After you apply your first coat, blot your lips with a tissue. Then apply another coat of your black lipstick and gently blot your lips again for long-lasting lip color. Afterward, dust your lips with some translucent setting powder, and you’re ready to go.

black lips

However you apply your new black lip color, always be sure to bring your lipstick with you wherever you go. While it looks amazing, black lipstick requires regular maintenance to stay looking sleek and in-place.


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