Alternative Fashion Styles

Fashion is one of the ways to express your personality. Alternative fashion, refers to various subcultures, such as grunge, goth, street, steampunk, punk, and hipster. The alternative fashion has a wide variety of styles, whilst each style once was excluded from the popular aesthetic culture.  Individuals of these subcultures are viewed as strangers out of public ethics. Their behaviors are associated with the defiance of institutions and social hierarchy and an expression of dissatisfaction towards bulk production and regulations.

Nowadays, people have plenty to choose from when it comes to fashion styles which can be recreated every day. And many new styles appear, among which those who utter the defiance of the public aesthetic culture could draw the public concerns and tend to be prevalent. In fact, many of these styles who take advantage of the alternative fashion are not remarkable for their initial inspirations.

From the first astonishment, people turned to be accustomed to these styles. A lot of styles are available for people to choose. Alternative fashion is a way of expressing your personality and not classifies your style as a certain fashion. Whatever styles you want to have, alternative fashion gives you the opportunity to decide your clothing regardless of considering why you choose this style. Choosing alternative fashion can make people not be forced to dress up according to the popular aesthetic culture.

Here are some alternative fashion styles.


The Goth movement at England in 1970s, a goth culture originated from the British rock scene, spread the goth culture over the USA. From this time, many branches of subcultures of gothic appeared and can be seen at the public fashion industry frequently around the world.

As is well-known, corsets, handkerchief hems, pale makeup and dark colors, especially black, are the main prominent features of gothic clothing. The gothic dresses usually have corset-inspired bodices and full, lacey handkerchief-hem skirts. The beauty that is of this mysterious style will attract people.


Urban fashion is related to Hip-Hop and R&B music. It is easy to combine high-end with low-end. Urban fashion, also called urban-chic or street wear fashion has been greatly influenced by African American culture.

Till now, it is still popular that people wear the sportswear with jewelry. A lot of street items are available for people. The real core of urban fashion is to make any urban child can easily wear clothes. It is suitable for urban residents.


Hipsters are a group of individuals who love bikes, cooking out, chatting in a cafe and music.

Their wear shows their compromised attitude and silent resistance against the public aesthetic culture. Vintage finds, art movies and elaborate coffee are the main parts of this style. Without considering your gender, skinny jeans are the most common clothing for hipsters. Leg-hugging pants are men’s favorite clothing, leggings and high-waist shorts are women’s preference. Oversized framed glasses, shirts with images of animals, forests, or childhood characters and a fitted well-warn hoodie are included in hipster’s wardrobe as well as plaid, floral, and checkers.


Steampunk is hard to define. It is a way to express yourself and combines Victorian style with futurism based on steam recreation. Main elements include Victorian corsets, gears, top hats, bustle skirts, and leather, but are far more than that. It tries to find new methods to express oneself with great fancy. Therefore, accessories usually consist of secret compartments, hidden weapons, and complicated objects.


The main component of punk is like greasers in the 1950’s. The basic part includes Jeans, fitted tees and motorcycle jackets, and furthermore creativity is the accessory. It is a free style that tells others not to offend me. Ronze skulls, silver spikes and gold snakes are the means of expression as well as add checkers and bright colors. No limits in punk fashion, so you can wear them separately or put them together. Just to express yourself according to your own ideas.


90’s fashion in Seattle inspired the concept of Grunge. It provides people a way to chase their inner Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain or rock the angst teen spirit. Plaid buttons, floral dresses, and over-sized skirts are the elements. Grunge emphasizes comfortable feelings. If your boyfriend’s sweater is big and not suitable, you can back to an old decade that cell phones haven’t been invented through half clasped art-stained overalls, and other signature 90’s influenced fashion.

Due to the continually changes of pop culture, the opinions of alternatives are changing. These subcultures once were alternative, but become the part of the popular aesthetic culture with the passing time. People can find them in the grand shopping mall as well as in ordinary shops beside the streets. People still can wear them after excluded from the popular aesthetic culture.

The charm of alternative fashion is that you can wear clothing of the fashion though it faded away.


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